• Politician’s Biography: Sam Graves (R)

    A fundamental component of understanding Sam Graves as a Representative is being knowledgeable on stances on the issues as well as particular issues that he has strongly advocated for in the past. Many voters will cast their ballots on an issues basis, so knowing which way the Rep. sways can be a make or break […]

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  • Essay: Political Information Background

    The 2016 presidential election took place during my first semester of sophomore year of high school. Several of my good friends had joined speech and debate with me the year prior, so we had started to become accustomed to discussing and defending certain political ideals. In the months leading up to the election, we would […]

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  • Essay: Politics at Thanksgiving Dinner

    This year, I spent the week of Thanksgiving at my dad’s parents’ house in St. Louis, Missouri. The Jolly side of the family has historically been very conservative. My great-grandfather was a Baptist pastor in a small town south of St. Louis called Farmington. My dad’s uncle was an army veteran who owned a steel […]

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