About Noah

I’m a Senior studying Multimedia Journalism at Drake University. I’m from Kansas City, Missouri and have lived there my entire life. I am the second oldest of eight siblings (two blood and five step). I am passionate about all things music, sports, film/television, the arts and food. I believe the earth is round. I vote. I love an argument for the sake of an argument, but I consider myself to be a friendly person. I like drinking coffee but I also like sleeping in. I play the piano and the alto saxophone. I can’t stand Midwestern winters. I’ve only ever had dogs but I really want a cat. I’m left-handed.

I first discovered a passion for photography in the Spring of my Junior year of high school on a college visit in Washington D.C.. On a day we had some downtime, my mother and I visited the Newseum which was showing an exhibit of every Pulitzer Prize Photograph from 1942 to 2018. I was emotionally moved by the humanity brought out in some of the photos; art rarely has an immediate emotional impact on me. There was war, love, and everything in between. The next year, I took a digital photography class and bought my first DSLR.

As a photographer, I practice a variety of styles to capture my images. I am currently most interested in highly saturated, colorful imagery and low key lighting. Through my work in college I have been exposed to working in nature and architecture photography, environmental and studio portrait photography, street photography, action/sports photography, black and white photography, night photography and many other circumstances that require an in-depth knowledge of the exposure triangle to capture the essential qualities of a certain image.

I have also pursued a range of fields and jobs outside of photography in my time as a student. In the years of my professional work I’ve gained a lot of expertise in collaborative problem solving. I’m especially proud of helping prepare the production of the 2020 CNN/Des Moines Register Democratic Presidential Debate which was both challenging and fulfilling. As a legislative research intern at the political non-profit, “Vote Smart”, I synthesized and filed reports on numerous bills passing through the US state legislatures. I’ve had the privilege to pursue my passion of filmmaking, serving as a researcher and production assistant for the 2021 KCPBS Documentary Film, “The Hidden Pandemic”.

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